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Tradecon (Msa) Ltd is trading companies registered under the companies ACT the laws of Kenya as an industrial and Electrical Hardware supplier.

Background / History:

Tradecon (Msa) Ltd was established in 1993 and is a trading company registered under the companies ACT the laws of Kenya as an Industrial, Technical and Electrical Hardware supplier. The directors of the company set out to create value through provision of superior customer focus and service.

We are continually adding products and services to our portfolio in order to better serve our clients needs.

    Mission Statement:

To provide professional services both in Supply and in Information of the Latest Developments in Technology to our clients. Drawing from our vast pool of agencies worldwide, we are able to provide clients with high quality equipment and spare parts from around the world at very competitive prices with minimum delays. We strive to continually have 100% customer satisfaction ratings among our Customers. This will enable us to grow by getting repeat business from our customers. And to achieve this, we have a team of highly trained and motivated employees, who give our clients the most compatible solutions to their problems



Our vision is to be a world class supplier of Industrial, Technical and Electrical Hardware and the market leader in East and Central Africa.

Our Staff:

Our staff is the foundation of our excellence and strength. We are fully committed to their fair and effective recruitment, development, motivation and recognition. We will provide them with the tools, training and support to achieve excellence in client satisfaction.

Customer Service:

We strive to assemble, train, and motivate the best team in the industry and empower them to deliver what customers want, when they want it, and how they want it in order to become the Number One Supplier of Industrial, Technical & Electrical Hardware to all types of industries


We are committed to emerging technology for equipments and services. We seek improvement and innovation in every element of our business.    


The way we do business is by being just and honest in whom we interact with. We continuously keep our promises what we say we will do. We will conduct ourselves in accordance with our business rules and established code of ethics.


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